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Investor Relations

Kimbell Royalty Partners (NYSE: KRP) is an oil and gas mineral and royalty company in Fort Worth, Texas.

We are managed by our general partner, Kimbell Royalty GP, LLC and own mineral and royalty interests in over 13 million gross acres in 28 states and in nearly every major onshore basin in the continental United States, including ownership in more than 92,000 gross producing wells with over 40,000 wells in the Permian Basin.

We are a variable distribution limited partnership, and our general partner holds no incentive distribution rights. We converted to a taxable entity on September 24, 2018 in order to target a sginificantly larger investor base both domestic and international, increase liquidty and support its continued growth and consolidation strategy. As a result of this conversion, investors in our common units will receive a 1099-DIV rather than a K-1.

Current Presentation

Kimbell Royalty Partners, LP (NYSE: KRP) ("Kimbell") today announced that an updated investor presentation has been posted on the Investor Relations section of its website and is currently...


Kimbell Royalty Partners, LP (NYSE: KRP) ("Kimbell Royalty Partners" or "Kimbell"), a leading owner of oil and natural gas mineral and royalty interests across 28 states, today announced it will...


Kimbell Royalty Partners, LP (NYSE: KRP) ("Kimbell") today announced that it has closed the previously announced purchase of certain oil and gas royalty assets from EnCap Investments L.P....


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